Process Improvement with Six Sigma DMAIC

There is virtually no business process which cannot be profitably optimised. No matter if production or service process: an improved process saves cost via a) increased efficiency and b) improved quality for your customers.


Six Sigma is a well-established strategy for process optimisation, using statistical tools to establish cause-effect relations. On this basis we implement sustainable improvements, going through the 5 project phases Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC). Six Sigma's world-wide success is due to the use of powerful, reliable methods and the consequent following of a systematic approach.

With 10+ years of Six Sigma experience in industrial projects and training, Justinek Engineering professionally guides you through your improvement projects:

  • project selection and project definition
  • management of Green Belt or Black Belt projects
  • project coaching and controlling
  • implementation and consolidation of the Six Sigma philosophy in your company

As a result we obtain processes that are efficient, stable and reliable. In other words: smaller variance, lower failure rate, enhanced productivity.

Failure Analysis

Root cause analysis often turns out to be a tedious task. In many cases, the neutral, analytical look from the external specialist helps to find the "red X" more quickly. Justinek Engineering offers you support in quality issues by

  • systematic root cause analysis
  • definition of containment actions
  • creation of 8D-reports

Whenever useful and necessary, we make use of the know-how and facilities of our partners from various disciplines, like metallography in the case of a fracture or corrosion analysis.

Data Analysis and Design of Experiments

You have collected loads of data from your production or in your development project, but you are short of time for their evaluation and the extraction of meaningful information? You would like to experimentally investigate the effect of 5 factors on 3 target quantities, with a tight timeframe and small stock of trial material?


In both cases statistical tools are the methods of choice. They allow you to generate a maximum of statistically firm information with a minimum of effort. No matter if your background is industry, agriculture or the service area.

Justinek Engineering offers competent guidance with the topics 

  • creation of a data collection plan (which data are relevant and worth being collected)
  • statistical analysis of data from production and R&D (graphical analyis, trend analysis, significant performance indicators, ...)
  • design of experiments (DOE)

FMEA Moderation

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is the most important risk analysis tool for people in the production and R&D areas. In spite of its undenied importance and usefulness, the method is often somewhat neglected and unpopular with project teams.


Let's go for a change!


FMEA moderations by Justinek Engineering bring new momentum into your FMEA process. Members of the FMEA team don't have to bother with moderation and documentation and are thus able to fully concentrate on the technical content.

What we offer:

  • moderation of Process FMEA, Design FMEA, Equipment FMEA, ...
  • documentation in your preferred software (Excel®, IQ-FMEA, ScioTM-FMEA)
  • moderation and documentation in German or English