Process & Technology Development

How to implement a new manufacturing process when your internal ressources are limited?

Your existing process or technology needs to be adapted to meet the needs of a new product design or material?

You would like some consulting on how to make your processes fit for certification according to your new quality system?


Justinek Engineering offers support in the development of new processes and technologies as well as in the adaption of existing ones in many different ways – tailored to your specific needs and to the extent that fits best for you. Being an experienced development engineer in the electronics industry, Martin Justinek has a lot of expertise in the development and release of manufacturing processes. These comprise wire contacting (bonding, soldering), ultrasonic welding, laser welding, gluing technology, thermoforming, sintering of ceramics, etc. In addition you will benefit from our network of experienced partners from industry and academic research.


 What we offer:

  • literature- and patent research
  • identification and optimisation of relevant influence factors using design of experiments (DOE)
  • conduction of trial runs incl. measurements and tests for verification of results
  • evaluation of process capability (Cpk-value)
  • specification of manufacturing equipment
  • definition of measured variables and measuring system for statistical process control (SPC) 
  • process documentation including work instructions and maintenance plans 
  • opportunity and risk analysis (e.g. FMEA)
  • technology- and process release according to your QM system (such as ISO 9001 or IATF 16949)

Justinek Engineering is your preferred partner for the effective and efficient development of new processes and technologies, thereby saving your internal resources. And in some cases the external look may even create a new impulse!


Feasibility Studies

Too many potential innovations end up as never realised ideas due to the lack of facts upon which a sound decision in favour of the investment can be made. A feasibility study helps to overcome this problem by a thorough analysis of the technical aspects relevant for the go / no go decision. 


Justinek Engineering adds ample experience to the customers' expertise and uses focussed research and carefully selected principle trials to make useful feasibility studies. These typically include

  • an overview of state of the art technology (benchmark analysis)
  • the presentation of one or several promising concepts
  • an evaluation of the opportunities and risks
  • an estimate of cost and time frame in case of realisation

Besides the advantage of the neutral point of view we offer you support in the time consuming research activities which often extend into the fields of science or patent law.