Being able to measure – whether it be objects, states of matter or processes – is the vital basis of science, technology and economy, today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to support you in handling your measuring task, no matter how difficult or exotic it may appear. Along with huge experience in scientific and industrial measurement technique, Justinek Engineering can count on a number of cooperation partners so that we face any measuring task with expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.


Development of Measuring and Testing Procedures

We offer support with the following topics:

  • definition of the proper measuring equipment for process and quality control
  • measurement system analysis (MSA)
  • development of measurement technique for non-standard tasks
  • development of reliability and lifetime tests
    • accelerated lifetime testing
    • climate testing
    • corrosion testing
    • shock and vibration testing
  • definition of testing procedures, sampling and testing instructions
  • statistical analysis of measurement data

As a result you get capable and effective measurement systems and testing procedures which ensure the quality of your processes and products meeting the highest standards.


Complex Measurement Tasks

It may happen in the course of a development project that an unexpected, tricky measurement task pops up. Who in your project team does have the resources to handle it?

Justinek Engineering offers support with tasks like

  • temperature measurement
    • thermography
    • thermocouple (tailor-made for ultra-high time and spatial resolution)
  • acoustical measurement
  • measurement of electrical quantities
  • material testing
    • mechanical testing
    • fatigue testing in the ultrasonic regime (vibration fatigue testing, Wöhler curve)
    • non-destructive testing (e.g. SEM/EDX, radiographic inspection)
  • chemical analyses 

We take charge of the selection or development of the optimal measurement technique as well as the timely realisation of the measurement itself. You obtain reliable results including their interpretation without stressing the resources of your project team.